Insurance FAQs

Homeowner Insurance Questions

Here are few frequently asked homeowner questions about filing a claim with your insurance company for storm damage, wind damage or hail damage:

Q: If I file a claim, will my rates go up?
A: Under the 'Act of God' provision in most Home Owner Insurance Policies, the individual homeowner rates will NOT be increased. However, due to the increased number of storms here in our Minnesota area, the odds are growing each day that our 'regional' pricing will see an increase in the future. The individual policy holder is not affected on a one by one claim basis, but rather on a 'regional' basis. Policies are analyzed on a larger scale or 'pool of policies' in a particular area/region.

Q: If I file a claim, am I in danger of being dropped?
A: If a homeowner files an insurance claim due to act of 'Act of God' occurrence, it would be an extremely rare occurrence for any sort of negative action be taken by their insurance company. To date, none of the Contractors who work with Hail Damage Pros have had any clients lose their insurance due to an 'Act of God' claim to our knowledge. That being said, we always recommend speaking to your personal Insurance Agent for their insight in regards to your policy.

Q: How long after a Storm can I make a claim?
A: Most insurance companies allow up to two years after the initial Storm or Hail Damage to your home. Be sure and check with your provider to find out the details of your policy.
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